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Quick and easy handling, robustness, flexibility in use, a long life cycle and, ideally, a tool-free assembly - whatever you expect from a connector – Han® won’t disappoint you. You’ll get even more.

About industrial connectivity

About industrial connectivity

Industrial Connectors Han®

Han® industrial connectors provide for a reliable and pluggable transmission of power, signal and data, meeting the highest requirements.  In addition to its rectangular heavy-duty standard design, the Han® series offers modular, compact and lightweight connectors that deliver a wide range of solutions for the machinery, transportation, energy, automotive and device connectivity sectors.  The Han-Smart generation brings the intelligence into the connector. 

Various hoods / housings, inserts, contacts, termination techniques and locking mechanisms can be adapted according to your application requirements.




Our requirement was to provide high-performance Ethernet. The pain point were 2 x 10 Gbit backbones both using ring topology networks to be fitted into one jumper cable and into another environment with limited space. The Han-Modular® Hinged Frame in combination with the data transmission modules and the M12 connector are the ideal solution for this application.”

Shane Duffy
Head of Supplier Management and Business Development, Porterbrook Leasing Company Limited
Han® Range

Han® Range

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