Fast charging push for the „microSNAP“ concept vehicle

The HARTING Technology Group has been in successful partnership with Rinspeed for many years. The visionary Frank M. Rinderknecht and HARTING with its innovative solutions for Connectivity for Industrial Things and Infrastructure & Cloud are a perfect match. Following the integration of the new fast-charging technology in 2018, we will now jointly show an automated charging solution with the robot specialist Kuka at the next Rinspeed project „microSNAP“, thus consistently expanding the e-mobility infrastructure.

The breakthrough for e-mobility depends heavily on how long it takes to charge and how user-friendly the charging infrastructure is. Long charging times and unwieldy heavy connectors are putting car owners off converting to e-vehicles. Fast charging technology with a DC charging plug (combo) is a must to ensure that, in future, vehicles can be charged sufficiently in minutes, not hours. Automatic charging solutions are also becoming increasingly important, as the handling of larger charging infrastructure systems is difficult and there simply isn‘t enough space to fit them into most car parks, fleet parking spaces or garages.

Fast DC charging is becoming particularly vital for e-vehicles in regional transport and logistics sectors in order to comply with future requirements for delivery times and fleet availability. As online trade is booming and the fresh food sector has now become involved, Frank M. Rinderknecht believes in small autonomous vehicles that can deliver their goods to the customer ‚just in time‘ without detours. These vehicles must therefore be rechargeable within the shortest amount of time possible. One of the best options would be for charging to run while the e-transporter is loaded with packages and other materials.

HARTING and its partner KUKA show such an automatic charging solution: the e-charging assistant provides optimum guidance for the DC combo 2 connector into the charging socket on the vehicle. After charging, the robot removes the connector, including cable, and the vehicle is ready to go shortly afterwards. The powerful DC supply is adapted optimally to the charging assistant. In addition, HARTING supplies the charge assistant with data, signal and power.


In relation with the Rinspeed project "microSNAP" HARTING shows an automated charging solution with the robot specialist Kuka at the Hannover Messe 2019 trade show.

Strong growth for HARTING Automotive

The HARTING Automotive subsidiary has experienced strong growth in recent years. The company has long been at home in the automotive supplier industry market and recently recorded a sharp rise in demand for e-mobility solutions. Based on its decades of experience in connection and transmission technology, the company develops and produces charging equipment for electrical and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The fast charging technology is a convincing example of growing market demand and has led to the continual expansion of the relevant range of products and components. The fast charging technology premièred at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show. The company has long been a competent and reliable partner to almost all national automotive manufacturers as well as major OEMs in other European countries. At the end of 2016, HARTING became a direct supplier to the VW Group for a specific e-mobility solution. HARTING supplies a range of charging equipment for various Group brands. HARTING is also a Tier 1 supplier for the BMW Group.

Equipment for all relevant market

HARTING Automotive offers charging cables for all standards around the world, for charging currents from AC to three-phase and DC, from 230 to 1000 volts. This includes Mode 2 charging cables with integrated temperature monitoring and DC residual current detection and Mode 3 charging cables in different versions. The automotive manufacturer has shown that HARTING can provide the right customised solutions for all relevant markets.

Successful cooperation between HARTING and Rinspeed

Rinspeed and HARTING have been working together successfully since 2016: MICA, which garnered HARTING the prestigious HERMES AWARD at the HANNOVER MESSE in April 2016, was integrated into the „Etos“ vehicle for autonomous emission and condition monitoring. In 2017, HARTING used its miniMICA – another component from the evolutionary MICA ecosystem – to support Rinspeed‘s „Oasis“ car. In 2018, HARTING provided the fast charging technology for the „SNAP“.

MID technology optimum solution

In addition to innovative charging infrastructure systems, the HARTING Technology Group offers further optimum solutions for the automotive sector with MID technology. HARTING 3D-MID technology can be used to integrate complex electronics solutions that require very little space into vehicles. MID technology is developed and produced by HARTING Mitronics, based in Switzerland. Such miniaturized system components can be used in interior lighting systems, proximity sensors or light sensors, for example. In this way, HARTING underscores its ambition to be an innovative driver of technological development.

The HARTING Technology Group, based in Espelkamp (Minden-Lübbecke district), is a visionary, pioneer and driver of this development. The owner-managed family business develops and produces electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and network technology and software. Services and products for all levels are created under one roof and in line with customer requirements – from innovative components to specific applications and services, through to integrated system solutions. HARTING operates 14 production sites and 44 sales companies around the world. With around 5000 employees, it achieved revenues of EUR 762 in 2017/18 (30 September), a good 13% more than in the previous year.